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One-on-one Services


Before you decide on any service, we would love to meet you and show you what we are all about. We will go over your health history, explain our services in detail and give you a tour of our facility. You can't make a decision solely on price.  You must think about the professionals knowledge, experience and passion for your results.  Please complete the form below and we will contact you to schedule a FREE consultation.


Almost everyone knows a personal trainer. We are health and fitness specialists.  In addition to being certified in personal fitness training, we are also certified in medical exer-therapy. We have studied more than just fitness for the general population. Our staff takes pride in their work and is 100% committed to making sure you get results. From fat loss to muscle gain, we have you covered.


Our staff has years of experience working with clients with various medical conditions / limitations. You can still benefit from exercise. To get results, working out does not have to be painful. With our wellness training program, we will develop a safe and effective routine for you. We also have excellent programs for seniors.‚Äč